Vice chancellor for Education

Dr. Ali Arash Anoshiravani 

Subspecialty in Hematology and Oncology



  1 The prevalence of hyperuricemia in dialysis patients of  Rasoul Akram Hospital

2   Study high and low doses of folic acid in homocysteine  levels of dialysis  patients of Imam Khomeini hospital  

3   Comparing the effects of oral and injectable arsenic in patients with AML-m3

4   Comparing the long-term and short-term doses of oral prednisone in ITP

5  Comparing the effects of warfarin and ASA in patients with multiple myeloma

6  Comparing the effects of Ceftazidime and amikacin in patients with neutropenia fever

7 Introducing rare case of Burkitt during pregnancy

Professional Records

1  Faculty member of Arak University of Medical Sciences

2  Responsible for  blood physiopathology and Oncology course

3 Chairman of ICU  in Ayatollah-Khansari hospital

4  Educational Assistance of Ayatollah-Khansari hospital

5 Member of Education and Health Committee of Ayotollah Khansari hospital

6 Member of clinical council of Arak school  of Medicine

7 Member of HSR   Council of Arak University of Medical Sciences

8 Member of retraining Committee of Arak University of Medical Sciences

9 Reliable physician of Medical Services Insurance

10 Chairman of Oncology and Hematology  in Qods hospital

11 Member of EDC Council of Arak University of Medical Sciences

12 Member of Iranian Cancer Society

13 Member of Hematology and Oncology  Association of Iran

14 Chief of Ayatollah-Khansari


Office Address         Department of Health and Social Medicine-School of Medicine- Arak University of                                      Medical Sciences Complex-              Basij Square- Arak city

Work contacts with area code              34173645 – 086


Fax Number                                                086-31336853

Academic Rank                                       Assistance Professor