Valfajr Hospital of Tafresh


Valfajr hospital of Tafresh

Diagnostic services which are performed for patients include daily visit of specialist physicians and nursing care, which are included medicationadministration-preparing patients for surgery the night before the operation and preparation for operation.


The center consists of different subspecialty wards such as:

·Internal medicine ward

·Surgical ward

· Pediatric ward

·Gynecology ward


·Dialysis Unit

·Neonatal Unit

·Emergency department


Emergency department of Valfajr hospital with 4 physicians and 11 nurses and four service personnel are ready to provide services to clients round the clock.

Services of physicians and specialists (afternoon and evening) of internal -surgical-pediatrics-anesthesiology are available as on call.

Para clinical, pharmacy and laboratory services are available round the clock toemergency department patients.

Now this hospital includes:










Maneger: Dr.Kourosh Dalvandi