Imam Ali(A.s) hospital of Komijan




The center has following wards including emergency services, internal medicine, pediatrics and neonatal and obstetric facilities and other services that are offered in this center includes dialysis, dentistry, psychiatry and nutrition. The center covered all regions of the center and nearby towns.  

This center has 36 beds approved, on the first floor there are emergency department with area about 90 sqm and 7 active beds, dialysis ward with 170 sqm, Para clinic, laboratory, pharmacy and radiology wards. And also there are admission unit, safeguarding, storage, outpatient clinics, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatrists, dentists and nutrition experts.

The center has 4 specialists, 3 subspecialists (internist, pediatricians, psychiatrists) and 2 dentists and pharmacists, a nutrition expert, 13 nurses, 4 midwives and 2 experts of medical records, 2 drugstore operators,1 social workers,4 laboratory staff and 2 radiology technicians and also the hospital has four ambulances.


Dr. Abar Zamani

Executive Manager:

Mr. Mohamad Gharibi