Imam Sajjad hospital of Ashtiyan



Imam Sajjad hospital of Ashtiyan city has started its activity since 1957. The hospital consists of different subspecialty wards such as EMS, ICU, CCU, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, infectious diseases, gynecology, ear, nose and throat, general surgery, eye surgery, women surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine and delivery facilities and in following wards including dialysis, psychiatry, midwifery, optometry, echo, exercise, operating and nutrition providing services to patients. Also Para-clinic wards (Pharmacy, Laboratory and radiology) will be covered all areas of the city and some surrounding towns.

The center has 4 physicians, 10 specialists, 2 pharmacists, a nutrition expert, 36 nurses, 4 midwives, an expert of medical records, 4 drugstore operators, a social worker, 4 laboratory staff and also the hospital has two ambulances.


Dr. Ali Khani Dokht 

Specialist in infectious diseases

Executive Manager:

Mohammad Taghi Tahmasbi