Farhang Khosravani Hospital of Farahan



The land of the charity hospital has been purchased with an approximate area of 22,000 and donated by Haj Ahmad Saba in 1997.                                                                          

The building of the hospital with an infrastructure of over 3000 square meters and in two floors was constructed by Mr. Ahad Khosravani and was inactive by 2014. Due to the opening of Farahan Health and Treatment Network in September 2013 and due to the conditions and follow up of the people and authorities of the town and authorities of Arak University of Medical Sciences and donor Haj Ahmad Saba, registration documents of hospital were issued in 2014 under the name of University of Medical Sciences and Health services of Markazi province.                                                                        

Farhang Khosravani hospital (64 beds) was established in 2015 and currently it has inpatient wards, delivery blocks, emergency, radiology, ultrasound, labs, pharmacies and specialized clinics.                                                             


Dr. Mohammad Reza Hojjati

Born on Saturday, March 21(3) 1970

Graduated from Islamic Azad University of Tehran in 2000 in General Medicine

Graduated from University of Tehran in the field of Internal Medicine in 2015

Most important records:

For 5 years, he was the director of the rural Health center of Kudarz functions of Farahan town

 For 5 years, he was manager of Chardah Ma'sum charity clinic of Tehran

Executive Manager:

Masoud Ghafari