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Endotracheal intubation in patients with difficult airway: using laryngeal mask airway with bougie versus video laryngoscopy

Abstract Airway management is essential for safe anesthesia and endotracheal intubation is the most important procedure by which critically ill patients can be better managed, especially if done quickly and successfully. This study aimed to compare the techniques of intubation through laryngeal mask airway (LMA) using a bougie versus video laryngoscopy (VL) regarding to intubation success and the quality of intubation indices in patients with difficult airways. This randomized clinical trial was performed on 96 patients aged 16-76 years with Mallampati class 3 or 4 who underwent elective surgery. Once the demographics were recorded, patients were randomly divided into two groups and the first group intubated with VL, and the second group intubated through laryngeal mask using a bougie. Then vital signs, arterial oxygen saturation, the time required for successful intubation, and ease of intubation were recorded. Here t-tests, chi-square, Fisher exact tests, and analysis of variance for repeated measurement were used to analyze the data in SPSS software. The overall success rates of intubation in VL and LMA groups were 46 (96%) and 44 (92%), respectively. The mean duration of intubation for the LMA and VL groups was 18.70 +/- 6.73 and 14.21 +/- 4.14 seconds, respectively (P < 0.001). Moreover, visual analogue scale score for pain in throat was significantly lower in VL group than LMA (1.65 +/- 0.76 vs. 1.33 +/- 0.52). Moreover, easy intubation in bougie group was 50%, while the easy intubation in VL was 73% (P = 0.023). In addition, incidence of cough was 31% in the LMA with bougie group and 9% in VL group (P = 0.005). The VL technique is an easier method and has a shorter intubation time than LMA using bougie, and causes a lower incidence of coughing, laryngospasm in patients that need intubation. Moreover, cough and discomfort in the throat tend to be less in . Author: Hesam Al-Din Modir -Esmail Moshiri VL, and the LMA could be used as replacement of VL in hard situations

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