Vali-Asr (A.s) Education and Treatment Center

This center was founded in 1950 and in 1953 was used and at this moment it is 60 years old with One of the major medical centers that covers University of Medical Sciences in Markazi province With 280 beds and 320 beds that are passed on to patients in emergency Service offers. Also it is active in the field of education and training in the fields of medicine, nursing, resident expert and etc.
Emergency treatment and outpatient services to clients in specialized medical fields including orthopedics, general surgery, brain, nerves, infection, dialysis, urology, poisoning, civil service training to medical students, nursing. Civic and service to victims of road traffic and industrial accidents, etc
Dr. Behnam Mahmoudie

ICU specialist

University faculty member

Executive Manager:
Dr. Ahmad Reza Abedi

ph.D. in Nursing

Number of Nurses 350
Services to 137 individuals
Support 220
Number of doctors 80
Total confinement 13
The CT scan 2
Specialized laboratory
Physical therapy
Special Clinic
6 units operating room