The first pharmaceutical active ingredients town in the Middle East was exploited in Shazand Gallery

The first phase of the first pharmaceutical active ingredients town in the Middle East and production of acetaminophen in Middle East with presence of deputy Minister of Health and head of Medical Equipment Department and deputy Minister of Industry, Governor General of Markazi, Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor and a group of Markazi province officials was exploited in Shahid Babaei industrial area of Shazand.

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An Overview of Antimicrobial Peptides as Anticancer Agents

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Thus, it is important to find newer, more selective, and more effective therapies for this disease. One of these methods that have attracted many researchers is using anticancer peptides regarding their specificity, lower side effects, and higher effectiveness on the cancer cells. One type of anticancer peptides is antimicrobial peptides. Although they have already been studied and introduced as potential agents to fight infectious diseases, only recently they have been used as a new way of cancer treatment. For decades, antimicrobial peptides have been considered a component of the native immune system; however, they can also be used as anticancer peptides due to their mechanisms and properties. This new therapeutic approach can provide a promising pathway for optimal cancer treatment with fewer side effects.

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