Office of Educational services


Office of Educational services

Office of Educational services, admission, registration and transfers is responsible for offering associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and GP both daily and nightly to students since early initial registration until before graduation as follows:

 1 - Initial registration of admitted students and completion their academic records

2 –Investigating the levy statues and conducting necessary correspondence with related military

3 –Investigating the requests of  applicants for gusting , transferring  and changing the students' majors through the education Council of university or Council of transfers

4 – Conducting necessary correspondence with the Sanjesh Organization in announced admission capacity, reflecting the contradiction list and other correspondence

5 –Investigating on the students' academic status and setting  academic status report for the competent authorities

6 –Sending training  and administrative regulations and procedures to the subsidiary schools and conducting  the necessary correspondence in order to resolve some of the uncertainty arising

7 – The necessary correspondence with internal  Department of Students and Alumni, as well as the office of vice chancellor  for education of respective ministry to resolve some of instanceseducational regulations or the executive guidelines

8 – Announcing the status academic of students to the applicant authorities and organizations which are authorized.

9 - Monitoring the implementation of educational regulations in subsidiary schools


10 – The Cancellation verdict from education and conducting correspondence with the respective Ministry, dismissal verdict (due to absences, duration, probation) and return to school verdict