Alumni Unit


Alumni Unit

Alumni unit of university  is one of the subunits of  Educational Affairs and Post Graduate office in Arak University of Medical Sciences.

 One of the most important duties of this office is help to alumni to complete their graduation works at all levels (associate - Bachelor - Master –PG and assistantship) and this is the most important educational work.

 In other words, each student who has successfully passed all course credits and educational process - has been accepted to study in this course –equal with acts by the Supreme Council of planning and according to related  rules and procedures, will be considered as graduate or alumni in that particular course.

1 –Investigation of graduate educational case since enrolled until graduation based on some rules


2 - Inquiry from Management of educational affairs in order to graduate benefit from facilities of welfare Fund.

3 – Announcing graduation of the male alumnus (including military service) to the Naja military Vice-chancellory


4 – Announcing graduation of alumnus to the center of Student Affairs of Ministry of Health and Medical Education


5 – Announcing graduation of alumnus whom their occupation requires to licensing to department of licensing. Some of majors for performing legal services in Iran need work permit, so the graduation of these alumnus are announced to management licensing of Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

6 –Issuance of provisional certification

7 –Issuance of academic confirmation

8 –Certificate issuance

9 – Issuance of diploma